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Tales From The Hollywood Trenches: TomKat Divorce

June 30, 2012


So the TomKat dream is over. Sigh. Am I really the only one not to have seen this coming? Or to be a little disappointed? On the bright side, though, we get to see a succession of fresh new dates on the Biggest Little Star In The World’s arm and just in time too as, at 50, he seems to be really hitting his stride right now!

But anyway, here, if you care at all are the facts: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were together for six years and married for just over five. The world first became aware of the TomKat™ Phenomenon when they started appearing together in public in Rome in 2005, when Cruise was promoting War Of The Worlds. A month later he jumped on Oprah’s couch to prove his love and a year later, in April 2006, Suri Cruise was born, to a cacophony of feverish tabloid speculation that she was, at best, gestated by surrogacy or at worst, an alien baby. Such were the heady early days of TomKat™.


They were married in a romantic 15th century castle in Italy in November 2006 and for the next five years Mrs Cruise and her adorable Mini-Me played Happy Families following Cruise around the world on exotic location shoots and promo tours for Night & Day and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Until the Happy Family photos started drying up earlier this year. Katie skipped out on two important events in the Cruise career recently: an award ceremony where he was honoured by New York’s Friar’s Club, to which he was accompanied by Suri and his son, Connor, and the premiere of his latest movie, Rock Of Ages, which he attended solo.


Last week they were seen together in Reykjavik in Iceland, where Cruise is shooting Oblivion, holding hands and talking but looking somber, and on Friday Holmes’s reps confirmed she had filed for divorce.

Naturally these two will have had a pretty detailed pre-nup in place – TC was never dumb a day in his life. Divorce law experts reckon the prenup probably allows for a payout structured around the duration on the marriage and after five years, the soon-to-be-former Mrs Cruise is most probably looking at a million per year for each year of marriage, plus luxury accommodations placed in a trust for Suri which Mom will use as her home base(s), plus lavish child support until Suri reaches 18. But who will get custody? Mrs Cruise filed for divorce in New York, as opposed to California or Colorado, where the Cruises also have homes, and according to E! Online, divorce lawyers believe this might indicate that she’s going to sole custody, which is weird because whatever else he is, Tom Cruise is by all account a very good dad, who shares custody of his two children with Nicole Kidman, Connor and Isabella Cruise.


So we’ll see. Don’t expect this story to die down anytime soon. In the meantime Cruise’s publicist says he is “deeply saddened” and “concentrating on his three children”. And the divorce. And the six movies he has in production.

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